What is a Brookie Pie?

A brookie is the perfect blend of brownies and cookies. A brookie pie is the exact same thing but on a much BIGGER scale. Our brookie pies can serve between two and eight people (depending on which size you choose), or you can keep it all to yourself. There’s no judgement here; only delicious treats and lots of love.

What is a Cake Jar?

A cake jar is exactly what it sounds like; a cake in a jar. They’re perfect for storing and taking with you on picnics or days out. Plus, there’s something oh so cute about seeing an expertly baked cake in a decorated jar.

How to Best Enjoy Your Brookie Pie or Cake Jar

The best-tasting things are messy —and our brookie pies and cake jars certainly meet the criteria. A perfect treat by itself, you can also serve a slice with some ice cream or whipped cream for a refreshing hit. Don’t forget to have a cool glass of milk or even a hot chocolate nearby to help wash down all the chewy goodness.

All Brookie Pies Made With Care In-Store

Given that our largest brookie pie is the same size as our heads, we definitely treat each one with the care and attention it deserves. All pies and jars are made in-store by our trained Buzzy Bee Bakers to ensure the quality you’ve come to know and love is always there. Where possible we use local ingredients — all ethically sourced — and we take great care when prepping, storing and posting our brookie pies and cake jars so they reach you in pristine condition.

Brookie Pie & Cake Jar Delivery!

Want one of our amazing brookie pies or cake jars delivered straight to your door? Our postal boxes full of delicious brookie pies go on sale every Thursday and are sent out the following Wednesday. Stay up to date with our latest delivery time slots by following the Buzzy Bee Instagram page.

But if you’re in the area, we’d love for you to come and visit us, too. Our shop is based at 3 Hawthorn Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire and we're open Thursday–Sunday.